Ensenso X series

Ensenso XR with 3D on-board-processing

Unlimit3D Vision with Ensenso 3D cameras

Unlike models in the N and X series, the Ensenso XR stereo camera can calculate 3D point clouds itself and send the data via Gigabit Ethernet or Wifi to a host PC for further processing. When Wifi is used for data transmission, only one cable (power supply) needs to be connected to the camera. At VISION, a functional prototype of the new camera series will be on display.

Ensenso XR cameras adopt the modular concept and precise detail capture of the X series. However, unlike these models, the new family does not require a host PC to calculate 3D point clouds. Instead, they are transmitted directly as results - which on one hand means a lower bandwidth load and a reduced computing load on the connected PC on the other.

Ensenso X series

These advantages are particularly noticeable in multi-camera systems because the load on bandwidth and connected PCs are critical factors for the success of such scenarios. Since the 3D data is also generated faster, bin picking applications, for example, which are designed for the highest possible number of cycles, will benefit.