Methods of payment

We offer the following payment modalities.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an online payment service with which you can pay in the online shop safely, simply and speedily – free of charge. After initial registration with your bank and credit card information, you can pay easily and securely.

Your banking or credit card information are absolutely safe and only stored with PayPal.

They are not transmitted to third parties.

The banking or credit card information stored with PayPal will be used so that you do not have to enter all of this information over again for each new purchase.

In addition, the payments arrive quickly at the seller and the product is ready to be send quickly.

How can I pay by credit card?

When paying online by credit card via American Express, VISA and MasterCard, you’ll have to enter your credit card number, the credit card expiration date and the three-digit security code.

Your security code provides additional safety when paying online and usually consists of the three last digits of the number printed on the reverse side of the credit card. The security code can be found at different positions, depending on the credit card company, but usually it is printed on the signature field.

All credit card transactions are executed immediately. This means: when paying by credit card, the total amount invoiced will be charged upon conclusion of the order, regardless of the product availability at the time of your order. The data of your credit card won’t be stored by IDS.

Tax exemption certificate

If you are tax exempt, please upload your exemption certificate using the following link: Avalara Tax Exemption

Please await confirmation from us before continuing the webstore checkout. Otherwise you will be charged applicable sales tax on your order.