Rainer Voigt

Founder Ensenso GmbH and Managing Director Optonic GmbH

Optonic GmbH

After completing his master's degree in computer science at ETH Zurich, Rainer Voigt founded Ensenso GmbH in Freiburg as a one-man company in 2011. With the vision of developing and producing industrial 3D cameras based on active stereo vision, Ensenso launched the first Ensenso N10 two years later. From the beginning, the camera specialists from IDS in Obersulm were available exclusively as sales and support partners, and together the two companies developed into one of the world's leading 3D camera suppliers. In 2020, Ensenso GmbH merged with its father's company isys vision to form Optonic GmbH, and now combines 2D machine vision solutions and Mikado as a camera-guided robot control system in addition to the 3D sector.

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