Ensenso PartFinder – Advanced 3D Matching

3D image processing is becoming more and more prevalent in industrial processes. Whether in mechanical engineering, manufacturing or logistics processes, the three-dimensional detection of objects enables new, usually more flexible work processes. For parts handling to measurement and localisation, objects usually have to be located and their position has to be specified in a calibrated coordinate system. As an innovative 3D camera manufacturer, Ensenso now also offers a 3D matching algorithm in which objects are detected and output either via CAD models or simple shapes in the 3D point cloud. By being closely linked to Ensenso-specific camera parameters, the Ensenso PartFinder offers many advantages over other available 3D matching algorithms. The inclusion of 2D, 3D and texture data provides highly accurate and performant matching, even on difficult surfaces and with incomplete point clouds. With the PartFinder licence, you can now find parts in the familiar NxView environment. Learn all about the benefits and operation of the Ensenso PartFinder in our Vision Channel webinar.