U3-38L4XLS Rev.1.2

U3-38L4XLS Rev.1.2
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  • 4056 x 3040
    12.33 MPix
  • Sony IMX412
    1/2" CMOS
  • 18.0 fps
  • USB 3 5.0 Gbps

The 1/2" rolling shutter sensor IMX412 from Sony delivers powerful 12.33 MPix (4056 x 3040 px px, pixel size 1.55 µm) in the U3-38L4XLS Rev.1.2 board-level camera. It belongs to Sony's Starvis series and delivers high-resolution data for challenging image evaluations. The USB3 Vision industrial camera achieves 18.0 fps. You can choose between models without lens mount and with CS- or S-mount.

The uEye+ XLS board-level camera offers 4K resolution and is well suited for a wide range of visualisation tasks. It can be used in both industrial and non-industrial applications and is particularly suitable for embedded vision systems.

Like all camera models in the uEye XLS family, the U3-38L4XLS Rev.1.2 is GenICam-compliant and therefore compatible with our state-of-the-art IDS peak software development kit.

Item number
  • U3-38L4XLS-C-HQ Rev.1.2: 1009174
Camera family XLS
Interface USB 3
Interface-Speed 5.00 Gbps
Sensor type CMOS
Sensor manufacturer Sony
Frame rate @ resolution max. 18.0 fps
Resolution (h x v) 4056 x 3040 px
Optical Area 6.287 mm x 4.712 mm
Shutter Rolling Shutter
Optical class 1/2"
Resolution 12.33 MPix
Pixel size 1.55 µm
IP code IP0
Sensor model IMX412
Product Life Cycle Series
Data sheet


100% quality tested
uEye+ software support
USB3 Vision standard
SuperSpeed USB
5 Gbps
CMOS sensor
C lens mount
CS lens mount
C/CS lens mount
3 years warranty
Made in Germany



ChinaRoHS EFUP 25

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