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  • 8200 x 5468
    44.84 MPix
  • onsemi XGS 45000
    2" CMOS
  • 17.0 fps
  • Ethernet 10.0 Gbps
Product Life Cycle Camera in series production. 🛈 Product Life Cycle Long-term availability is an important aspect when selecting the right industrial camera. Our camera finder gives you the life cycle of each camera model so that you can take this criterion into account in your camera selection. The following life cycle statuses are differed: In development The model is not yet in series production, but will be introduced shortly. In series Camera in series production. Not recommended for new designs The camera model is no longer recommended for new application development. We suggest looking for newer models of the "in series" availability. Discontinued The model has been discontinued. You have the opportunity to secure inventory before the end of the last-time-buy order period. See product discontinuations. For further questions, please contact our sales team.

The onsemi sensor XGS 45000 reaches enormous dimensions in terms of resolution - it delivers impressive 44.84 MPix (8200 x 5468 px, pixel size 3.20 µm)! This enables the GV-77U5WP industrial camera to capture even the smallest details, for example in panel inspection. It is also highly recommended when large scenes need to be inspected and evaluated precisely. The image data is forwarded via the extremely powerful 10GigE interface, whereby the camera achieves 17.0 fps.

This model is available in both monochrome and color versions. The CMOS Global Shutter sensor has a format of 2" and an aspect ratio of 3:2. Due to the sensor size, we offer this uEye+ Warp10 camera with a TFL mount (M35x0.75). For secure mounting, the TFL lenses can be firmly screwed to the cameras. The flange focal distance is standardized and corresponds with 17.526 mm to that of the C-mount models. You will find suitable lenses listed under accessories.

To ensure optimal image quality, we recommend the use of an Active Heat Sink (accessory, optional) for cooling.

Like all camera models of the uEye Warp10 family, the camera is GenICam compliant and therefore compatible with our IDS peak software development kit.

Item number
  • GV-77U5WP-C-HQ: AB03375
  • GV-77U5WP-M-GL: AB03374
Camera family Warp10
Interface Ethernet
Interface-Speed 10.00 Gbps
Sensor type CMOS
Sensor manufacturer onsemi
Frame rate @ resolution max. 17.0 fps
Resolution (h x v) 8200 x 5468 px
Optical Area 26.240 mm x 17.498 mm
Shutter Global Shutter
Optical class 2"
Resolution 44.84 MPix
Pixel size 3.20 µm
IP code IP30
Sensor model XGS 45000
Product Life Cycle Series
Data sheet


100% quality tested
uEye+ software support
GigE Vision standard
CMOS sensor
Colour correction in camera
Internal image buffer
3 years warranty
Made in Germany


Image Acquisition
Image Acquisition
Software trigger
Hardware trigger
Trigger controlled exposure
Long exposure
Line scan
Line scan highspeed
PWM flashing
Image Adjustments
Image Adjustments
Auto exposure
Auto gain
Auto whitebalance
Color correction
Mirror/flip X/Y X/Y
On-board Image Processing
On-board Image Processing
Pixel formats Mono12 Mono12p BayerRG12 BayerRG12p RGB8 RGB10p32
Region of interest
Decimation (FPGA)
Decimation (Sensor)
Binning (FPGA)
Binning (Sensor)
IP settings
Bandwidth management
Firmware update
1st supported firmware version 3.20 3.20


UL listed
ChinaRoHS EFUP 25
Machine vision

Industrial image processing is used in a wide variety of applications - from quality assurance to automation.

Document scanning

Efficient capture of document content, for example for documentation or process automation.

Surface inspection

IDS cameras detect cracks, irregularities or other processing defects in optical quality assurance.

Electronics inspection

Cameras can check the geometry of printed circuit boards, detect the presence and absence of components as well as dirt and inspect solder joints.

Photovoltaics / solar cell inspection

IDS cameras can be used, for example, to check geometry and saw marks and to identify defects.

Sports and motion analysis

Image data can be used for match analyses or to optimize motion patterns, such as golf swings or cycling.



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