Release Notes for IDS Software Suite 4.96


These release notes describe the changes in IDS Software Suite 4.96.1 which mainly introduces new camera revisions.

IDS Software Suite 4.96.1

New products

New camera families

Given the current worldwide bottleneck situation regarding various electronic and semiconductor components used in a broad variety of products, IDS Imaging Development Systems also faces constraints in manufacturing some of our cameras. To be able to serve you with the products listed below in the future, we will make small modifications in electronics for these cameras. All functionality of the cameras remains fully unchanged.

To be precise: For our GigE uEye cameras of the following CP, FA, SE and LE families, we are offering you alternative hardware revisions step by step and in addition to our established, but unfortunately limited available GigE models. For your projects we recommend to use the new hardware revisions.

  • GigE uEye CP Rev.2.2
  • GigE uEye FA Rev.1.2
  • GigE uEye SE Rev.4.2
  • GigE uEye LE Rev.1.2

These GigE uEye cameras are supported by IDS Software Suite 4.96.1 and later versions. These models cannot be operated with any of the previous versions.
In general, we recommend upgrading to the most recent IDS Software Suite version, here 4.96.1, to operate with the latest features and most stable software.

New and changed functions

New command for color format

New command for is_SetColorMode: IS_GET_BITS_PER_PIXEL returns the BitsPerPixel count for the current color format.

New source code demos

There are source code demos available now that demonstrate the use of the is_Event function and the is_ImageQueue function.

General improvements

  • Fixed a bug that installation HALCON interface failed
  • Fixed a bug that driver filters DHCP messages incorrectly
  • Value range of the Focus AOI was extended on the lower value side
  • UI-3370CP / UI-5370CP: Fixed bug that IS_AOI_IMAGE_GET_SIZE_MAX returns wrong value and in uEye Demo under Linux the AOI slider shows wrong range
  • CMake Find module available

Known issues

  • In IDS line scan, the GigE uEye CP Rev.2 models may lose a line between two images with a pixel clock > 60 MHz.
  • UI-313xCP Rev.2: When using the smallest possible AOI in hardware trigger mode, images may be permanently lost.

Last time product support

uEye CCD cameras

All uEye CCD cameras are supported for the last time with driver version 4.96.1. For specific model numbers see Discontinuation_Letter_Sony_CCD_20150324.pdf

uEye cameras with CMV2000/CMV4000 sensor models

The camera models UI-336xCP, UI-536xCP, UI-337xCP, UI-337xSE, UI-537xCP are supported by driver version 4.96.1 for the last time. For part numbers, see PDN_IDS_2022-03-08_uEye_UI-337x_UI-537x.pdf and PDN_IDS_V1.1_2021-04-19_UI-336x_UI-536x.pdf.

GigE uEye ACP, USB 3 uEye ACP

All GigE uEye ACP (UI-5xxxACP) and all USB 3 uEye ACP are supported by driver version 4.96.1 for the last time. For part numbers, see PDN_IDS_2022-03-08_uEye_ACP_UI.pdf.

uEye cameras based on onsemi sensors

The following camera models are supported by driver version 4.96.1 for the last time:

UI-3160CP-M-GL Rev.2, UI-3180CP-M-GL Rev.2

The UI-3160CP-M-GL Rev.2 and UI-3180CP-M-GL Rev.2 camera models are supported for the last time with driver version 4.96.1. The camera models UI-3160CP-M-GL Rev.2.1 and UI-3180CP-M-GL Rev.2.1 are not affected. For more information, see PCN_2018-02-08_Python2000-5000_v1.1.pdf.

Status: 2022-04-29