IDS peak

Release Notes for IDS peak 1.3


These release notes describe the changes of IDS peak 1.3, which adds support for uEye cameras (IDS Software Suite) as well as for the new pre-release of IDS peak cockpit.

IDS peak 1.3.1

General improvements

  • Added gamma support for RGB10p32 Pixel format.
  • Windows 32-bit: Fixed a backward compatibility issue in IDS peak 1.3 so that the "__stdcall calling convention" works again.
  • Faster GigE Vision firmware updates by increasing the packet size in the Command Channel.

Status: 2021-08-24

IDS peak 1.3

New and changed functions

Windows: Support of uEye cameras (IDS Software Suite)

With version 1.3, you can install the uEye Transport Layer via the custom installation of IDS peak. In combination with an installation of IDS Software Suite 4.94 or higher, basic functions of the uEye cameras (UI models) are thereby supported under IDS peak. You can open cameras, start image acquisition, trigger the camera and operate the flash output.

IDS peak IPL (Image Processing Library)

  • You can apply gamma correction to the image data using the functions of the IDS peak IPL.
  • An additional debayering algorithm was introduced in the IDS peak IPL.

Programming examples

The programming examples have been extended and the error handling has been improved.

uEye XLE USB 3

The uEye XLE USB 3 camera family supports IDS-specific pixel formats for 10-bit and 12-bit. This provides access to all functions of the IDS peak IPL such as debayering and other color conversions, rotation, mirroring, etc. The use of the IDS-specific pixel formats is possible in the IDS Vision Cockpit as well as in the pre-release version of the IDS peak Cockpit. The identifiers of the pixel formats may still change in a later version.

General improvements

  • On Windows, Python version 3.9 is now supported.
  • 16k jumbo frames are now supported in the stream channel.
  • The names of GenTL nodes have been adjusted.

Known issues

  • With this version, products from third-party manufacturers can be used in IDS peak for the last time. However, it cannot be ensured that these products are always fully compatible with IDS products, as some manufacturers block functions in their transport layers or implement a different interpretation of the GenTL standard.
  • If network adapters are added, removed, activated or deactivated after opening the IDS Vision Cockpit, the changes are only visible after restarting the IDS Vision Cockpit.
  • If multiple cameras are open in tiled view in IDS Vision Cockpit, no scroll bar is displayed at the bottom.

Status: 2021-06-21