IDS peak

Release Notes for IDS peak 1.2


These release notes describe the changes of IDS peak 1.2, which adds support for Python as an additional programming language besides .NET (incl. C#) and C/C++. Furthermore, enhancements were made to the IDS Vision Cockpit.

IDS peak 1.2.1

General improvements

  • Improved robustness of USB transport layers. Enhanced error recovery in case of USB channel issues like pipe stall.
  • A new node group is introduced especially for USB monitoring ("USBMonitor"). This allows to track the stability of the USB channel (number of errors/recovery).
  • Bug fixes

Status: 2021-03-11

IDS peak 1.2

New and changed functions

Programming language Python

With version 1.2 of IDS peak, it is possible to program in Python under Windows or Linux. The description for programming can be found in the IDS peak API documentation and in the IDS peak IPL documentation. Additionally, 2 programming examples for Python are included.

New programming examples in C++

For C++, further programming examples were added:

Saving camera parameters

You can save camera parameters from the camera to the host PC or load parameters from the host PC to the camera. This extends the function for saving camera parameters in the camera via UserSets. It allows camera parameters to be exported to a PC and restored at a later time.

Enhancements in the IDS Vision Cockpit

The settings dialogs have been redesigned so that it is possible to perform many settings in a simplified way.

In the IDS Vision Cockpit, you can now add labels and annotations to an image such as lines, circles, text, etc. In addition, you can insert a time stamp or crosshairs in the image. You can save images with and without annotations.

The "Draw measurement" tool allows you to measure directly in the image by specifying a conversion factor for the measurement beforehand.

Auto features for uEye XLE USB 3

Especially for the uEye XLE USB 3, auto functions are available in the IDS Vision Cockpit. These are also available as sample code for own applications. These functions run directly on the host (they are not part of the IDS peak API).

General improvements

  • Simplified workflow to open a single camera in IDS Vision Cockpit.
  • API function for image rotation in 90° steps (using IDS peak IPL).
  • Support of camera events (RemoteDevice Events) in IDS peak API and IDS Vision Cockpit (this feature will be supported in an upcoming firmware version).

Known issues

  • Third party transport layers can be used in IDS peak. However, it cannot be ensured that these transport layers are always fully compatible with IDS products, as some manufacturers block functions in their transport layers or implement a different interpretation of the GenTL standard.
  • If network adapters are added, removed, activated or deactivated after opening the IDS Vision Cockpit, the changes are only visible after restarting the IDS Vision Cockpit.
  • If multiple cameras are open in tiled view in IDS Vision Cockpit, no scroll bar is displayed at the bottom.

Status: 2021-01-21