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Release Notes IDS NXT Vision App Creator 1.0


These release notes describe the new features of IDS NXT Vision App Creator 1.0. IDS NXT Vision App Creator is a development environment based on Qt Creator for programming vision apps for IDS NXT cameras.

The development environment includes the toolchain (set up as a Qt Creator kit for creating and debugging the embedded application) and the IDS NXT SDK. You can directly upload the vision apps from the development environment to a camera.

IDS NXT Vision App Creator 1.0

New functions

  • Easy setup for developing vision apps for IDS NXT cameras
  • Programming, building and deploying vision apps directly from the development environment on the IDS NXT camera
  • Debugging on the camera
  • Creating project settings and initial project structure with the project wizard
  • Source code examples for programming:
    • Gray value calculation
    • Using CNNs
    • Compiling and using OpenCV

Known issues

  • The processing of CNNs by the deep ocean core is done exclusively for a single vision app. If you want to start another vision app, that also requires the deep ocean core, you have to stop the currently running vision app first.
  • Only one vision app can be debugged at a time. It is recommended to deactivate all other vision apps on the respective camera.

Status: 2020-11-30