Release Notes IDS NXT 2.6


These release notes describe the new features and changes in the IDS NXT 2.6 release. The release updates the following components:

IDS lighthouse 2.6

You find the release notes for IDS lighthouse directly in IDS lighthouse:


You find the release notes for IDS NXT OS 2.6.0 under Release Notes for IDS NXT OS 2.6.0

IDS NXT cockpit 2.6

This version of the IDS NXT cockpit supports Windows 10 64-bit (version 21H1, 20H2).

Note: The IDS NXT cockpit 2.6 cannot be used to operate an IDS NXT vegas camera. Use the IDS NXT Cockpit 1.2.4 instead for the IDS NXT vegas models.

IDS NXT cockpit 2.6.1

New and changed functions

  • ROI handling in Crawler has been reworked:
    • When drawing ROIs in Crawler, you get feedback via color and text hints if ROIs do not match the recommendations for object detection in IDS lighthouse.
    • ROIs are flipped when the camera image is mirrored.
    • ROIs are scaled during binning.
  • In the multi camera viewer, even after a camera is unplugged, the camera information is still displayed to help identifying the camera.
  • It is no longer necessary to restart the computer when updating or installing the IDS NXT cockpit, unless this is prompted by a corresponding message.
  • A bug prevented the correct saving of images in BMP and PNG format in full resolution. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug in the multi camera viewer that in rare cases caused the program to freeze.
  • Fixed an error that may have caused not all functionalities to be available in IDS peak when IDS NXT cockpit and IDS peak are installed on the same computer.

Status: 2022-08-01

IDS NXT cockpit 2.6.0

New and changed functions

  • The multi camera viewer can display the images from up to 4 cameras simultaneously. You can save the multi camera configuration password-protected.
  • It is possible to save a separate ROI configuration in Crawler for each camera.
  • The IDS NXT cockpit can display the information element of a vision app.

Vision apps

Classifier 1.3.11

  • Fixed a bug that caused the heatmap switch to update incorrectly when an enabled CNN was replaced with a newer version.

IDS NXT Vision App Creator 2.6

  • The IDS NXT API has been updated to version 2.6.0 so that you can program vision apps for IDS NXT OS 2.6.0. For example, you can use the information element in vision apps (see also the "MultiCNN" example on Github).
  • The version numbers of Oracle Virtual Machine (*.ova) and IDS NXT OS are identical as of version 2.6.
  • You can set a custom title for the "Website" node of a vision app in the manifest file. This designation is used as text for the "Website" button in the IDS NXT cockpit. You can find an example of this on GitHub.

Status: 2022-05-06