Your first choice for low-light applications

New USB 3.0 cameras with Sony rolling shutter sensors

As of now, there are two USB 3.0 cameras with rolling shutter sensor in our portfolio. Both are equipped with exceptionally light-sensitive BSI sensors from Sony's STARVIS series. They deliver best image quality, even in very weak or changing light conditions.

The model UI-3880CP with 1/1.8" Sony IMX178 sensor provides high resolution of 6.4 MP (3088 x 2076 px) for highly detailed images. It delivers frame rates up to 60 fps at full resolution. The camera with the most light-sensitive sensor in our portfolio is especially perfect for visualization tasks in microscopy or quality assurance. Due to its high speed, it is also a cost-driven option for ITS applications.

IDS industrial cameras USB 3 uEye CP with Sony sensors IMX178 & IMX290

The model UI-3860CP with 1/3" Sony IMX290 sensor is suitable for cost-driven applications in the fields of machine vision, logistics, or metrology. It provides a resolution of 2.1 MP (1936 x 1096 px, Full HD 120 fps) and aims at customers with high demands on image quality and speed.