Boardlevel camera from IDS with enlarged sensor designation

uEye XLS with IMX662: maximum light sensitivity, amazing value for money

Boardlevel cameras with outstanding low-light performance thanks to Sony Starvis 2 sensor

Low ambient light? For a suitably sensitive image sensor, this is no challenge. With the IMX662 from Sony's Pregius 2 series, we offer just this kind of sensor - now also in combination with the tiny uEye+ XLS board level cameras. Incidentally, IDS is the only manufacturer to offer the IMX662 both in color and mono.

uEye+ XLS cameras start at a list price of just 160 US dollars!

The new USB3 industrial cameras are part of our low-cost range. Furthermore, they are only 29 x 29 x 7 mm in size. This makes them a popular choice for embedded projects. The 2 MP rolling shutter sensor (1968 x 1100 px, pixel size 2.90 µm) delivers exceptional image quality thanks to sophisticated pixel technology and is characterized by an impressive high dynamic range. This benefits mechanical and plant engineering as well as ITS, medical and laboratory technology.