The uEye LE AF camera family is growing

The uEye LE AF camera family is growing

Always in focus: board level cameras with autofocus

Thanks to their practical autofocus function, our uEye LE AF cameras deliver perfectly focused images even with frequently changing object distances. Further USB 3.1 Gen 1 camera versions will be available at the end of May. For the first time models with upright USB Type-C orientation will be available on request.

Especially in embedded vision systems, the board-level cameras show their strengths due to their compact design.

The autofocus function ensures sharp images in no time at all, even if the lens is no longer manually accessible. Besides models with a horizontal USB Type-C connector, there are now also versions with a vertical orientation available on request which provides more flexibility for camera integration - simply contact our sales team.

In addition to the already available uEye LE AF cameras with 6.4 MP (IMX178, 58 fps) and 18.1 MP (AR1820HS, 20 fps) sensors, customers can now also purchase models with 2.1 (IMX290, 120 fps) or 3.1 MP (IMX265, 80 fps) sensors.

All cameras feature USB power delivery and allow the use and control of liquid lens lenses.