Maximise the flexibility

Realize camera applications with varying object distances faster and more flexibly

Many image processing applications depend on varying working distances. As more and more production lines should no longer only operate profitably for mass production but also in small series, the adaptation to new products and therefore varying working distances must be easy and quick to manage. Cameras equipped with liquid lenses focus in milliseconds on various object distances - for millions of cycles, wear-free and without moving parts.

Realize camera apllications easily with IDS cameras and liquid lenses

Liquid lenses maximise the flexibility of camera applications by providing both initial image setup and fast focus adjustments during operation. Especially when cameras are used in places that are difficult-to-reach, the focus can be readjusted comfortably via software.

The newly developed uEye LE USB 3.1 Gen 1 Active Focus camera models from IDS in combination with liquid lenses from Edmund Optics now offer a focus solution that is very easy to integrate and allows conventional applications to be implemented with less time and cost.

On the other hand, it can also be used to address completely new applications that require sharp images even at varying object distances.