IDS peak 1.2 and firmware 2.7 for uEye+ cameras

IDS peak 1.2 and firmware 2.7 for uEye+ cameras

Python support, uEye XLE auto features and many new functions in the IDS Vision Cockpit

IDS peak 1.2 and the latest firmware version 2.7 are now available for your uEye+ cameras. The new Python interface allows even faster, more flexible programming and enables rapid prototyping for your application. Many useful functions have been added to the IDS Vision Cockpit to make working with uEye+ cameras even easier. And also our small uEye XLE cameras can now be optimally adjusted to varying conditions with autofeatures.

With many new "easy to use" settings dialogues, the latest IDS Vision Cockpit with visual support gives you access to all new camera functions and automatics. Save camera settings conveniently on the host PC, add timestamps, lines, circles, text or crosshairs to the live image and even in-image objects measurement in real units, supported by individual calibration of the current pixel size.

In conjunction with the new camera firmware 2.7, IDS peak now provides all uEye+ cameras with automatic functions for white balance, exposure and gain. This also means that our particularly affordable and compact uEye XLE camera series is optimally equipped for variable environmental conditions. With powerful image pre-processing in the IPL (image processing library), such as 90° rotations, your vision cameras will produce optimal images in any position.

IDS peak provides all new helpful "plus" features via all interfaces. Now also via Python for the first time. This enables fast prototyping processes on any of our supported platforms (Windows, Linux, Linux Embedded) without the time-consuming setup of a development environment.

Update your uEye+ cameras today and benefit from many new features.