Success story of the Ensenso 3D camera series N30 and N35 continues

Redesign makes Ensenso N cameras even more powerful and robust

Success story of the Ensenso 3D camera series N30 and N35 continues

Ensenso N30 and N35 models have proven themselves for years as powerful and robust 3D cameras in a wide range of applications. The appearance of the stereo vision cameras will still be the same in the future - but underneath, revised electronics and mechanics will ensure improved performance.

First, the IR models with infrared projection (850 nm) will be revised in November. They will be equipped with new LEDs with higher light output. Depending on the application configuration, a higher data quality or robustness against ambient lighting can be achieved. In order to obtain raw images with the same brightness and pattern contrast as with the previous models, a much shorter exposure time is also required - depending on the setup, it can be reduced by up to 35 percent.

A new thermal design also improves the projector LED duty cycle limit in all N30 and N35 Rev. 2 models by a maximum of 10%, which accelerates image capture and increases clock rates. This is particularly noticeable when images are acquired with FlexView.

The aluminium housing of these Ensenso 3D cameras with IP65/67, the Gigabit Ethernet interface and the compatibility with the Ensenso SDK remains the same in the revised models. The potentially faster image acquisition, the increased projector LED duty cycle limit and the shortened exposure time may require adjustments in the camera parameterisation when replacing in running systems. N30 and N35 models with blue illumination (465 nm) will be available as Revision 2 from January 2021.