Product improvements in the 3D camera families

Product improvements in the Ensenso X and Ensenso N 3D camera families

Adjustments to Ensenso X and N offer our customers better performance and easier handling

Adjustments to the mechanics and camera components of the Ensenso X 3D camera series ensure higher image quality, better vibration and shock resistance and easy setup. There is also news in the Ensenso N series: the revision of the Ensenso N30/N35 cameras has been completed. This means that all related models are now available with revised electronics.

The Ensenso X 1.3 MP models that have been available up to now will be replaced by variants with Sony's 1.6 MP sensor IMX273 - which our customers already know from the Ensenso XR series. The integration of Vision Standard-compliant uEye+ camera models (either from the uEye CP or uEye FA families) makes it possible to do without the IDS software suite during set-up. In addition, new camera mounts for all Ensenso X and XR models will provide better lens position stability, allowing heavier lenses to be used. These adjustments have no effect on the camera dimensions.

In the Ensenso N series, all N30 and N35 models will also be available with revised electronics starting in March. Recently we have redesigned all cameras with infrared projection (850nm), now the models with blue illumination (465nm) will follow. The redesign makes them even more powerful and robust - for example, due to a new thermal design with an improved duty cycle of the projectors. This enables faster image acquisition and higher clock rates.