Software update for IDS NXT

Software update for IDS NXT - even better usability and detail improvements

The next update for IDS NXT is right around the corner

Which tools and functions should we provide to further improve the usability of our products for you? This question is also the focus of the further development of the IDS NXT product line. We will soon be releasing the next software update. In addition to various detail improvements, it will, for example, simplify the installation of new firmware updates.

Software updates - such as the recent implementation of OPC UA as an industrial interface and new AI functions - ensure that IDS NXT cameras continuously unlock their full potential. Previously, firmware updates required a separate software tool. In the future, customers will be able to use the IDS NXT cockpit for this. The next update will also allow the camera IP addresses to be configured directly via the IDS NXT cockpit.

Whether embedded vision or AI: anyone who is interested in the megatrends of industrial image processing will inevitably need to look at IDS NXT.

In the IDS Vision Channel, we show you what the solution is capable of. Take the opportunity and gain a profound insight into this technology - we look forward to welcoming you!