CFO Jan Hartmann

Get in touch with the IDS experts - preview sessions

What topics are on the agenda?

The IDS Vision Channel addresses image processing topics around 2D, 3D and embedded vision as well as artificial intelligence. The online sessions are short, focused and free of charge. This makes them ideal for building up individual knowledge.

The kick-off is on January 28th. IDS CFO Jan Hartmann will be among those speaking at the opening keynote. You can find the entire list of events directly in the IDS Vision Channel calendar. These are some of the topics that will be covered in February and March:

Trends in Machine Vision - get an overview of current and foreseeable trends on the 2D vision market and learn how you can use them for the development of your own vision solutions.

Evolution of cameras and software standards - camera hardware and software are constantly evolving. We present the latest developments from IDS and explain how you benefit from them.

AI as a door opener for a new era in image processing - why should companies look into this technology, what is important to know and how easy is it actually to set up a new project? Get the answers here.

All sessions include expert input and offer the opportunity to discuss questions in the group or together with the speaker at a virtual table. You can register directly in the IDS Vision Channel.