Good news for IDS customers

New USB 3 cameras for short delivery times

Due to the worldwide semiconductor shortage and the resulting long delivery times for USB 3 cameras, IDS decided early on to develop new hardware solutions. The result is an alternative USB 3 hardware generation with available advanced semiconductor technology for our proven cameras of the uEye CP, ACP, SE and LE families.

To be precise: For our uEye+ cameras of the CP, ACP, SE and LE families, we are offering you alternative hardware revisions step by step and in addition to our established, but unfortunately limited available USB 3 models. For your projects we recommend to use the new hardware revisions. Electronic components are in stock, prototypes for design-ins for many models are available. Series production of the new USB 3 camera revisions is being established and will then be continuously expanded.

For short delivery times, we also recommend our USB 3 cameras of the uEye XCP and uEye XLE families, which are also newly developed and barely affected by semiconductor shortages. Our sales team is available to answer your questions regarding the introduction of the new hardware revisions and the cost-optimized models of the uEye XCP and XLE series. For our customers working with GigE interface: we are already in the development of a corresponding available camera platform. We will announce the market launch in a similar way.

Are you interested in the new USB 3 cameras? Contact our sales team!

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