Waterproof lenses with selectable apertures

Waterproof lenses with selectable apertures

Fixed focal length lenses with lockable aperture from Kowa

Now available: C-Mount lenses from Kowa's LM-JCM-WP series with focal lengths from 5 to 50 mm. They are suitable for sensors up to a size of 2/3" and highly durable thanks to IP65/67. Thus are particularly suitable for our robust uEye FA camera family.

The lenses have a manually lockable step-up ring. This means that the adjusted focus cannot be accidentally shifted even under heavy mechanical stress. There are four different aperture rings to choose from for the selection of the aperture, which can be fixed in the beam path of the lens depending on the desired value.

Festbrennweitenobjektive von Kowa mit arretierbarer Blende

Thanks to IP65/67 protection, the lenses are both water- and dustproof. If they are used in combination with our uEye FA cameras, the commonly used tubes can be omitted. This is especially beneficial for small focal lengths.