How image data is changing the agri-food sector

How image data is changing the agri-food sector

Industrial cameras for environment and smart farming

The challenges of increasing demand, high requirements for sustainability and security of supply as well as the need to produce efficiently result in embedded vision systems with AI, like IDS NXT, becoming more and more important. Find out which applications can already be solved today.

Organic products with different shapes and colors are difficult to describe in the body of standardized algorithms with which industrial cameras usually work.

Anyone who wants to deploy applications in which objects with a wide variety of characteristics - such as vegetables or fruit - are to be reliably recognized, cannot afford to ignore image processing with artificial intelligence.

Intelligent systems for collecting and analyzing information are also a valuable tool when it comes to detecting conditions, making decisions and triggering follow-up processes. On our new microsite on environment and smart farming, we show you which applications and possibilities are available to you.