Update: current market situation

Update - Procurement times and price development

The continuing strong increase in global demand for semiconductors and raw materials in combination with recurring regional corona outbreaks and logistical bottlenecks are also leading to ever longer procurement and delivery times and price increases in the machine vision industry. Key electronic components have been subject to significant delivery delays on the part of manufacturers.

Update: current market situation

Despite planning well in advance, increasing production capacities, and looking for alternative supply chains and components, IDS industrial cameras are as well affected by this. With demand for our camera models rising strongly at the same time, new orders can only be confirmed with extended delivery dates. Delivery dates on the part of IDS are calculated "pessimistically" to give you the best possible planning reliability. Nevertheless, the situation remains volatile due to the boom in demand. Change due to "force majeure" cannot be ruled out entirely. We expect a possible improvement in this situation and a return to our usual delivery times only late in the course of 2022.

We very much regret this situation. All our employees work with enormous commitment to ensure the best possible supply for you. We still recommend that you plan your projects in advance.  Contact us as early as possible for larger quantities or blanket orders. This is how we can overcome these challenges together.

As always, we appreciate your business, as well as your patience and will continue to do our best to serve you.