All-in-one AI solution: Market launch of IDS NXT Experience Kit

Grab > label > train > run AI – a few simple steps to your inference camera

As of now, IDS offers an end-to-end solution for AI-based image processing, with which even non-specialists can independently train and implement an artificial neural network (ANN) within a short period of time. From camera hardware including a self-developed AI core to training software for creating individual neural networks and support, every component comes from a single supplier - this is unique in the vision market.

The name of the complete system is IDS NXT Experience Kit. It includes not only IDS NXT rio and rome industrial cameras, which can hardware-accelerate the execution of neural networks, but also the IDS lighthouse cloud-based training software. Thanks to this, users do not have to set up their own development environment, nor is special knowledge of image processing, camera programming or deep learning required.

Customers only need their application expertise and sample images to create a neural network. This makes it particularly easy to get started with AI-based image processing. All information about the complete solution and the individual components can be found on our website.