It's so easy: free IDS NXT lighthouse trial month for all customers

With the upcoming IDS NXT software release, we are also making testing of IDS lighthouse easier

Thanks to our cloud-based training software IDS lighthouse, users do not need to set up a development environment to create their individual neural network, nor do they need any special knowledge about image processing, camera programming or Deep Learning. But how easy and convenient is the tool in reality? You will soon be able to judge for yourself: all IDS customers will be able to activate a free trial month and test IDS lighthouse thoroughly.

No sales contact is required to activate the trial licence. All you have to do is register with your IDS user account at IDS lighthouse and select the corresponding option during the process. The licence key is then automatically provided and allows you to try out IDS lighthouse with all its features for four weeks. The offer will be available shortly.

Those who already use IDS lighthouse will also benefit from the offer. These customers can activate the month after their regular licence expires and thereby extend the term by four weeks free of charge.