New IDS macro zoom lens

Large effect for smallest details: macro zoom complements IDS lens range

New macro zoom lens for working distance of 90 mm

Details in focus - we are now expanding the range of our IDS lenses with a 5 MP C-mount model with macro zoom. It is designed for a working distance of 90 mm, so that - unlike with most microscopes - there is enough space to comfortably move objects underneath or to carry out precise soldering work.

The macro zoom lens is suitable for sensors with a size of 2/3 inch, works with a magnification of 0.3X to 1.0X and reliably captures even the smallest details at close range. Possible application scenarios include PCB soldering inspections and detailed inspections in quality control.

In addition to the new macro zoom model, we also offer our customers many other IDS C-mount lenses that cover an enormously wide range of applications with resolutions of 2, 5, 8 and 10 MP. Although they were introduced to the market only a few months ago, they are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their high manufacturing quality and excellent price-performance ratio. To find suitable lenses for your IDS cameras, simply use the lens finder on our website.