New IDS lenses

All components from one supplier

New IDS lenses: Excellent price-performance ratio

We now offer more than 20 new C-mount lenses. They are characterized by a very reasonable price-performance ratio and can be used in numerous application scenarios thanks to lens resolutions of 5, 8 and 10 MP as well as different focal lengths and optical classes. With these features they fit seamlessly into our "It's so easy!" product philosophy - which is why they can be recognized at first glance by the IDS logo.

"When implementing image processing applications, it is not only important to choose the right camera, the lens also has a decisive influence on the image quality," explains Jürgen Hejna, Product Manager at IDS. Focal length, resolution and aperture, for example, must be taken into account. The lenses are suitable for different sensor sizes (from ½ inch to 1.1 inch) and allow focal lengths of 4 mm to 75 mm depending on the model. The aperture and focus can be fixed mechanically if required. An additional set of screws is included in each delivery.

The new lenses not only meet high demands on processing quality, but are also more than competitive in terms of price. "For our customers, this means that they receive all components from camera to lens from a single supplier - and in the usual high IDS quality," says Hejna. The lenses can be obtained from our webstore. Alternatively, please speak to your sales representative.