Ensenso SDK Update 3.0 with new stereomatching

"PatchMatch" enables unrestricted range of depth measurement

Ensenso SDK Update 3.0 with new stereomatching

Version 3.0 of the software environment for Ensenso 3D cameras contains many detail improvements to create very detailed point clouds for your application faster and with less effort. The Ensenso SDK 3.0 is now available for download.

An important component is the new stereomatching algorithm "PatchMatch". This allows the 3D cameras to work extremely effectively over a large distance range at different object distances, for example in fast applications with large volumes, without affecting the execution time of the algorithm.

Predefined parameter sets also reduce the user settings to a minimum and ensure that high-quality data is generated immediately in almost all situations. "PatchMatch", as the new standard matcher, therefore delivers complete point clouds already with the initial setup.

The new texture overlay provides a better first impression of the 3D view and easier navigation in the scene. Together with the point cloud, a plastic impression of the scene is created, thus improving the visualisation and usability of the results.