IDS cameras successful as eye of autonomous model vehicles

Double victory at the Carolo Cup 2020

IDS cameras successful as eye of autonomous model vehicles

We’d like to congratulate students of the IDS-sponsored "KITcar" team from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the "CDLD" team from the Technical University of Braunschweig. They won first and second place in this year's Carolo Cup!

The competition has been held by the TU Braunschweig since 2008.

Various student teams from all over Europe are offered the opportunity to become involved with the development and implementation of autonomous model vehicles. The challenge is to achieve the best possible vehicle guidance in different scenarios that result from the requirements of a realistic environment. The specific requirement is to develop, produce and demonstrate a cost- effective and energy-efficient overall concept of an autonomous automobile.

Team CDLC from host TU Braunschweig has been provided with IDS cameras for five years. They are currently using a USB 3 uEye LE board level camera as the eye of their autonomous model vehicle "CaroX". The UI-3241LE is a particularly efficient industrial camera with an e2v 1.3 megapixel CMOS sensor. This sensor is one of the most sensitive sensors in the IDS portfolio. It offers the maximum flexibility for changing requirements and environmental conditions and is therefore ideally suited for the autonomous vehicle.

"Dr. Drift", the autonomous racing car of the KITcar team from KIT Karlsruhe drove to victory with a USB 3 uEye CP camera. The cameras from the "CP" (Compact Power) product family are especially fast and extremely reliable. This is why the tiny power packs are ideally suited for applications in the automotive, traffic and transport sectors. The success at the Carolo Cup confirms the Karlsruhe team's decision to use the UI-3160CP Rev. 2.1 camera.

In addition to the convincing product features of each camera, the link with the sponsor is important for both teams. As Hauke Dierend, spokesman for team CDLD, emphasizes: "We are always enthusiastic about the quality and reliability of IDS cameras". Jan Riffel also thanked IDS on behalf of KITcar team for the great cooperation: "We are glad to count you as part of our team. Without the good collaboration with our partners this great result would not have been possible".