IDS case study: Optical spine and posture analysis with uEye industrial cameras

Vertebra by vertebra

Back pain is one of the main causes of sick leave in Germany - often caused by lack of exercise, one-sided stress at work and being overweight. This is accompanied by strained muscles and ligaments and even wear and tear on the spine and intervertebral discs. Causes can also be osteoporosis, chronic inflammatory diseases or spinal deformities such as scoliosis. Innovative systems for 4D measurement of body statics can be used for exact diagnosis.

With DIERS formetric 4D, DIERS International GmbH (Germany) enables fast and high-resolution optical measurement of the human back, spine and pelvis - contact-free and radiation-free. A dynamic version and additional modules for determining the mobility of the cervical spine or gait analysis as well as leg axis measurement make the system a compact movement analysis laboratory. Up to 5 camera modules equipped with uEye industrial cameras are integrated.