Milestone for automation in industrial laundries

Intelligent robot vision system for laundry deconvolution process successfully in operation

"VELUM" shows what it can do in the Munich area. With the system so named, which uses both 2D and 3D cameras from IDS, the deep-tech start-up sewts GmbH from Munich automates one of the last remaining manual steps in large industrial laundries, the unfolding process. Now the last "veil" around VELUM (Latin for "cover, veil") has been lifted, the first type installed and put into operation, with more to follow in the coming weeks. In future, the robot vision system, which is ready for series production, will unfold an average of 500 - 600 textiles per hour in the pioneering companies in southern Germany.

Encouraging potential for applications in which IDS cameras help to conserve valuable resources.

Read the detailed application report here: Large laundry