Automatically cleared - with Ensenso X36

Automated depalletizing solution with integrated 3D image processing

Palletizing is one of the most demanding applications in intralogistics. Efficiency is required when stacking cartons, sacks or packages of bottles on pallets in the last step before shipping. The same applies to depalletizing in the goods receiving area of the recipient. Automated palletizing solutions, whether conventional or robot-supported, offer considerable increases in productivity and efficiency.

The industry is constantly on the lookout for innovations that allow maximum flexibility of pallet patterns, low cycle times and minimal space requirements. In these situations, palletizing robot systems are becoming increasingly important. They offer exactly this flexibility and at the same time are easily adaptable to changing needs and products. This means that they regularly offer considerable savings potential.

Robot palletizing significantly increases the throughput when handling different packs. To enable these robots to operate with their eyes open, the Bangkok-based company Speed Solution Group Ltd. has developed an automated 3D palletizing vision solution in cooperation with ABB Robot, Thailand. Using an Ensenso 3D camera from IDS, robots from ABB depalletize goods of different sizes and shapes fully automatically, with high accuracy and reliability.