Fully automatic 3D inspection cell reduces quality costs

Efficient inline component inspection for the manufacturing industry

The technology company senseIT has specialised in the development of fully automatic 3D inspection cells that can be used directly on the production line. This increases autonomy and ensures enormous time and cost savings. The most important components of the inline inspection cells: Ensenso stereo 3D cameras.

They literally take a close look at extremely complex components with the utmost precision and in less than 30 seconds. The system checks and validates the completeness of assembled products up to the size of a shoebox and is exceptionally precise in detecting faults: the software signals deviations in the tenth of a millimetre range. The Ensenso technology (Stereo Vision) makes inline processing much faster and more accurate than was previously possible.

Such an optimisation of the quality assurance process thus contributes significantly to the reduction of quality costs in the factory of the future.