“We expect a positive market development for 2023”

Sharpening the eye for new things with AI

Despite a meagre economic outlook and rising energy prices, we are optimistic about the coming year. The order intake is still good and also with regard to the delivery capacity, the signals are increasingly green due to numerous measures. "We are developing and manufacturing new hardware platforms with plannable semiconductor technology at full speed," says IDS Managing Partner Jan Hartmann.

In 2023, the company motto "It's so easy" will continue to be the guiding principle. "We support our customers in finding a solution faster and easier with the help of the "Easy to Use" IDS ecosystem, on which IDS will focus in 2023," illustrates IDS Managing Director Alexander Lewinsky. On the one hand, this refers to the area of industrial cameras, where special attention will be paid to the usability of the in-house software package. On the other hand, the industrial camera manufacturer is pushing the trend topic of artificial intelligence. "IDS wants to make it easier for users to access this key technology, to break down supposed barriers to entry and to help initiate urgently needed automation processes with easy-to-use image processing components," emphasizes IDS founder and owner Jürgen Hartmann. The opportunities offered by corresponding solutions are enormous and linked to completely new fields of application, such as transport and smart city or environment and smart farming. "With visionpier - a marketplace for image processing solutions with and without AI - we offer such access," Jürgen Hartmann adds. "Solution providers and users can exchange ideas, discuss solutions, develop or refine them and reuse them." This kind of sharing and reusability of solutions can contribute to the widespread success of AI.

"We have emerged stronger from the crisis and expect a positive market development," Jürgen Hartmann sums up. "One of our great strengths is our many customers who are active in many different markets. Knowing these markets and providing you with exactly the right products for simple, quick solutions is our goal. So in future we will be particularly concerned with the "I for Imaging" in IDS. The redesign of our USB cameras and the entire IDS product portfolio - including in the AI sector - forms the basis for this."

Last but not least, the topic of sustainability will also be at the top of the agenda in the coming year. We have firmly anchored this in our annual targets and aim to reduce CO2 emissions by a further 5 per cent, among other things. "In the long term, we want to be completely self-sufficient in terms of power supply," explains Jan Hartmann. With these wide-ranging measures, we are well positioned for the coming year and can react flexibly to market conditions to offer our customers the best user experience in the vision market, despite a more difficult environment.