20 years FALCON frame grabber

A real classic in machine vision

Twenty years ago, company owner Jürgen Hartmann came up with the idea of making it easier to integrate machine vision into industrial production lines with the aid of PC plug-in cards. He developed his PC plug-in cards for machine vision on the basis of a consumer market chip - the FALCON frame grabber was born.

The first product of IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH had an unexpected success: around 100 frame grabbers sold per month were planned in the business plan, up to 2000 units per month were actually sold.

20 years FALCON frame grabber

Today, IDS is one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial cameras, which have been developed and built at the Obersulm site since 2004. Nearly one million IDS cameras are now in use worldwide.

Our developments are still based on proven technologies from the consumer world, which we modify and thus make available for industrial use. At that time and today, IDS' customer needs are the driving force behind new product developments. And the FALCON frame grabber, the origin of all IDS products, is still part of the product range.