15 years IDS USB industrial cameras

With pioneering spirit to success

In April 2004, the first IDS industrial camera with USB interface was launched. At this time, the latter was considered unsuitable for industrial use. "We were smirked at initially," recalls company founder Jürgen Hartmann. "But we made USB suitable for industrial use." This makes IDS one of the pioneers who used this technology for their high-performance digital industrial cameras at an early stage. Within a year, IDS was able to switch from the development of analog frame grabbers to digital industrial cameras. With success.

In the meantime, the interface, already in its third generation, has become an indispensable part of the market - just like IDS.

With more than 1 million cameras sold, we are now one of the market leaders in the industrial camera sector. With a significantly expanded portfolio compared to 2004, we are constantly reinventing ourselves and always trying to be one step ahead of our customers' requirements. Currently with our vision app-based industrial cameras IDS NXT.