System components

The IDS NXT toolbox

IDS NXT contains all the necessary software and hardware components that work seamlessly together to help you turn your ideas into reality.

How to create AI vision

The cloud-based AI Vision Studio IDS lighthouse is the centerpiece of the IDS NXT ecosystem. Here, ideas evolve into complete applications. For this purpose, neural networks are trained by application images with the necessary product knowledge and packaged into a suitable application workflow.

In order to generate application-related results from image analyses and to initiate decisions, vision apps can be created here and executed directly on any IDS NXT hardware. No in-depth programming knowledge is required for this!

AI methods

Using "Classification", "Detection" and "Anomaly Detection" you can sort objects into categories, detect and locate specific features or identify known as well as unknown product deviations. With this set of AI methods, the AI Vision Studio supports you quickly and efficiently with the realization of diverse image processing tasks.

Block-based Editor

Realize your ideas and image processing ideas without knowing the syntax of a specific programming language. The block-based code editor brings inference tasks with existing function blocks into simple sequences, links AI results through logical operations, mathematical calculations and conditional if/else statements. For this purpose, all functions and variables are available as easily combinable puzzle pieces.

Use Case Assistant

The use case assistant helps to start developing your own image evaluations, so-called vision apps. With simple queries and tips, it guides you through an interactive dialog and creates all the necessary application components as projects in IDS lighthouse.

Simply select one of the ready-made use cases that best suits your project. More application scenarios are continuously added to the assistant, provided via free software updates.

How to control AI vision

IDS NXT cameras

The intelligent IDS NXT industrial cameras are suitable for AI-based image processing on-the-edge. AI accelerators can execute neural networks with hardware acceleration, trained in the AI Vision Studio.

The rio and rome models integrate IDS's own AI processor "deep ocean core". The models of the malibu series have a special chip from Ambarella for this purpose, which in addition to a very high-performance AI accelerator has even more on-camera features for perfect picture quality, video compression and streaming.

With the help of vision apps, they independently process various image processing tasks, provide results or control automated processes via their interfaces.  Embedded vision has never been so easy!

IDS NXT operating system

The IDS NXT operating system makes image processing tasks as easy to use and change as apps on a smartphone. This app-based concept takes your AI vision project directly to the field level without any additional programming effort.

Periodic OS updates expand the capabilities of the intelligent cameras and make them fit for a wide range of applications.

REST webservice

With the RESTful web service (Representational State Transfer), IDS NXT cameras provide a platform-independent interface that allows easy networking with other device classes without additional software or gateways.

This allows to access and control parameters, functions and results of IDS NXT cameras and their running vision apps for all devices in the same network.

OPC UA Server

Using the standardized OPC-UA industrial protocol, IDS NXT cameras communicate directly with machines and PLCs in the same language.

This enables direct integration of the intelligent cameras into factory automation without the need for additional hardware or programming effort. That shortens the time from commissioning to productive use in industrial applications to a minimum.

IDS NXT Experience Kit

The IDS NXT Experience Kit already includes all the necessary components to realize your own AI vision applications and bring them into the field.

In addition to a 6-month license for using IDS lighthouse, an IDS NXT rio camera with 1.6 MP Sony color sensor, a Gigabit Ethernet cable as well as power supply, tripod adapter and a high-quality 16 mm IDS lens are included. Get ready to start with this kit.