Smart Picking with IDS NXT and Ensenso

Today, industrial robots are used in a wide variety of ways to automate different tasks. In combination with 3D camera technology, they are already able to react and grasp adaptively instead of just executing pre-programmed sequences. But for certain activities or situations, such as picking tasks, a high level of intelligence is still required. For example, if the task is to put objects of different size, shape, material or even quality from unsorted boxes into shelves, objects must not only be gripped, but identified and analysed beforehand. These challenges are difficult or impossible to solve with rule-based image processing systems. But with AI-based inference, productive solutions are already available on the market even for this task. In our talk "Smart Picking with AI and 3D Vision" we will explain how the combination of two IDS products – intelligent IDS NXT cameras and powerful 3D Ensenso cameras - multiplies the capabilities of industrial robots.