Build & Deploy AI-based machine vision systems

The use of machine learning operations in image processing applications makes it possible to solve tasks that were previously difficult or only possible with a great deal of effort. However, many users are still unfamiliar with the new methods. There is a lack of expertise and, unfortunately, too often not enough time to get started. One reason for us to address this topic.

In this Vision Channel session, we will not only show you which types of ML operations exist and what they can be used for, but also explain the approach to selecting, developing and later deploying them. Compared to today's well-known approach with rule-based methods, the use of these data-centric ML operations is not any harder - just a little different. We will explain the complete application process from the idea to deployment, show you new possibilities and tools that support you in the whole process and also how you can improve results and system performance or make subsequent optimisations.