IDS NXT - Set up OPC UA communication

This video gives you a short insight into the possibilities of the IDS NXT OPC UA plugin based on the communication with the OPC UA client "UA Expert". It shows how you can use saved camera settings, start an inference task and request results. Our tech tip "Interfacing IDS NXT using OPC UA" provides you with further background information. In addition, the AI sample workflow is explained step-by-step. You only need a working IDS NXT camera, a PC in the same network and a few objects ( ballpoint pen, ruler, eraser, key, etc.) to simply follow it yourself. ##### More information and links regarding the integration of IDS NXT cameras into factory automation: - [Website – IDS NXT]( - [Tech tip – Interfacing IDS NXT using OPC UA]( - [Technical Article – AI for all]( - [Technical Article – Inference by recipe]( - [Cameras – IDS NXT inference cameras]( - [Contact – For more information on the use of IDS NXT Experience Kit, please contact our sales department or our system consulting department](