How to build custom vision apps with the block-based editor

The application wizard already provides you with a quick introduction to vision app development for very common use cases. If you want to further customize the program flow, the block-based editor is another easy-to-use IDS NXT tool that does not require you to know any special programming language syntax. Using predefined program functions in the form of blocks, you can design your own program sequences with AI image processing functions, such as object recognition or classification, without any programming knowledge. To give you a better understanding of how to create a custom image processing application with the block-based editor, we have explained the basic functions of the combinable blocks in short videos. From the simple application framework for evaluating camera images in a program loop, to the use of variables, browsing image processing results, and signaling external participants, we show several useful procedures.

Take a look at our IDS NXT tutorial videos and get inspired to build your own. It's so easy!