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  • 4128 x 3008
    12.42 MPix
  • Sony IMX535
    1/1.1" CMOS
  • 99.0 fps
  • Ethernet 10.0 Gbps

The ultra-fast 12.42 MPix industrial camera GV-79L0WP is equipped with the 1/1.1" Sony CMOS sensor IMX535 from the Pregius S series. A special characteristics of these fourth generation sensors is the combination of Global Shutter and BSI technology ("Backside Illumination"). The pixels are also only 2.74 µm in size, which is around 20 percent smaller than the second-generation Sony sensors with the same resolution. The industrial camera delivers impressive 99.0 fps fps and is particularly convincing in applications with challenging lighting conditions and fast clock rates.

Compared to models with USB3 interface, the cameras of the uEye Warp10 family transfer data about three times as fast. Anyone who not only needs a particularly fast camera with a 10 GigE interface, but also values high light sensitivity and outstanding image quality, has found exactly what they are looking for in this model.

The GV-79L0WP is available with a C-mount and in monochrome and colour versions.

Like all camera models in the uEye Warp10 family, the camera is GenICam compliant and therefore compatible with our IDS peak software development kit.

Item number
  • GV-79L0WP-C-HQ: 1008243
  • GV-79L0WP-M-GL: 1008244
Camera family Warp10
Interface Ethernet
Interface-Speed 10.00 Gbps
Sensor type CMOS
Sensor manufacturer Sony
Frame rate @ resolution max. 99.0 fps
Resolution (h x v) 4128 x 3008 px
Optical Area 11.311 mm x 8.242 mm
Shutter Global Shutter
Optical class 1/1.1"
Resolution 12.42 MPix
Pixel size 2.74 µm
IP code IP30
Sensor model IMX535
Product Life Cycle Series
Data sheet


100% quality tested
uEye+ software support
GigE Vision standard
CMOS sensor
C lens mount
Colour correction in camera
Internal image buffer
3 years warranty
Made in Germany



UL listed
ChinaRoHS EFUP 25
Electronics inspection

Cameras can check the geometry of printed circuit boards, detect the presence and absence of components as well as dirt and inspect solder joints.

Endless web inspection

Whether steel, paper or fabrics - IDS cameras always keep an eye on their test object and detect, for example, material defects or stains.

Factory / process automation

Cameras are used in monitoring, control, regulation and optimization systems and help e.g. with localization and selection tasks.

Food & beverage

To ensure the highest food quality - camera technology e.g. detects contaminants and helps with sorting tasks and fill level monitoring.

Object tracking

Whether in sports, on the production line or in research projects - IDS cameras keep a close eye on objects.

Photovoltaics / solar cell inspection

IDS cameras can be used, for example, to check geometry and saw marks and to identify defects.


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