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  • 2448 x 2048
    5.01 MPix
  • Sony IMX250
    2/3" CMOS
  • 104.0 fps
  • Ethernet 10.0 Gbps

The 10GigE vision industrial camera GV-7080WP with the CMOS sensor IMX250 from Sony sets new standards not only in terms of light sensitivity, dynamic range and colour reproduction, but also with regard to speed. Compared to 1GigE cameras, this uEye Warp10 model achieves up to 10 times the transmission bandwidth.

The global shutter sensor from the Pregius series delivers a frame rate of 104 fps and excels with a high resolution of 5.01 MPix (2448 x 2048 px px), which is perfectly suited for applications with low light conditions and fast clock rates. As a result, the GV-7080WP provides excellent image quality in a wide range of industrial applications while keeping noise levels extremely low.

The GV-7080WP is available with C-mount and in both monochrome and colour variants.

For this model, it is recommended to use IDS peak 2.1 or higher.

Item number
  • GV-7080WP-C-HQ: AB03218
  • GV-7080WP-M-GL: AB03217
Camera family Warp10
Interface Ethernet
Interface-Speed 10.00 Gbps
Sensor type CMOS
Sensor manufacturer Sony
Frame rate @ resolution max. 104 fps
Resolution (h x v) 2448 x 2048 px
Optical Area 8.446 mm x 7.066 mm
Shutter Global Shutter
Optical class 2/3"
Resolution 5.01 MPix
Pixel size 3.45 µm
IP code IP30
Sensor model IMX250
Product Life Cycle Series
Data sheet


100% quality tested
uEye+ software support
GigE Vision standard
CMOS sensor
C lens mount
Colour correction in camera
Internal image buffer
3 years warranty
Made in Germany



UL listed
ChinaRoHS EFUP 25
Machine vision

Industrial image processing is used in a wide variety of applications - from quality assurance to automation.


Recognize details more accurately - for example, by displaying close-up images on monitors.

Object tracking

Whether in sports, on the production line or in research projects - IDS cameras keep a close eye on objects.

Medical technology (and laboratory automation)

Image processing is indispensable in medical technology. For instance, IDS cameras provide data for diagnostic purposes in ophthalmology or dentistry.


IDS cameras detect objects and provide accurate information, such as their dimensions or positioning.

Electronics inspection

Cameras can check the geometry of printed circuit boards, detect the presence and absence of components as well as dirt and inspect solder joints.

Sports and motion analysis

Image data can be used for match analyses or to optimize motion patterns, such as golf swings or cycling.


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