AI and cameras: "Customers have made a huge leap forward"

The acceptance of AI-based vision systems is steadily increasing

How do I integrate an intelligent industrial camera into my system? How do I optimize image data for training neural networks? And how good is the performance of embedded systems with AI accelerators? The questions asked at events such as InsightImaging or the inVISION Days reveal how much interest there is in artificial intelligence. Daniel Routschka, Sales Manager Artificial Intelligence at IDS, provides insights into topics and trends.

Daniel, you were recently a panellist at the inVISION Days. Which topics stood in the spotlight?

Currently, discussions are focusing heavily on actually integrating AI into applications - and doing so as simply as possible. The openness of users to the implementation of AI-based image processing systems is increasing, as is the knowledge of potential users.

To what extent does this coincide with your experience from customer contact?

Customer enquiries have become much more specific. In the past, initial contact was often about explaining the possibilities and strengths of AI. Today, we delve much deeper into the application. In addition to the technology, customers have also made a big leap forward.