Extra small, extra cost-effective:  uEye+ XLS cameras from IDS

New uEye XLS camera family hits the perfect balance between size, quality and price

Tiny and perfect for embedded and volume projects

Low-cost cameras in industrial quality are an important growth driver for automation - after all, it does not always have to be the high-end solution. The low-cost portfolio from IDS specifically addresses price-sensitive applications and has so far included the camera families uEye XCP (closed zinc die-cast housing, 29x29x17 mm) and uEye XLE (different variants from board-level models to closed plastic housing). It is now being expanded to include the uEye XLS camera family. These are tiny board-level cameras with dimensions of only 29x29x7 mm, which are consistently reduced to essential camera functions and can therefore be offered at a particularly low price. They are available from $165 list price.

The new USB3 cameras from IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH are compatible with the Vision Standard, have a Micro-B connector and are available exclusively as board-level versions with or without C/CS or S-mount lens holders. The board-level cameras are so small that they can be inserted directly into the lens holders. Users can choose between different sensors from 2 to 12 MP. Thanks to their minimal heat generation, uEye+ XLS cameras are particularly suitable for device construction and embedded vision applications.

With the low-cost portfolio from IDS, companies can now benefit from the advantages of industrial cameras even with a limited budget. The range of applications extends from rapid prototyping and the automation of previously unprofitable small series to image processing projects with a large number of cameras.

More information: https://www.ids-imaging.us/low-cost-cameras.html

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The new models fit seamlessly into  the consistently price-optimised low-cost portfolio
The new models fit seamlessly into the consistently price-optimised low-cost portfolio