Image processing company IDS expects growth of 15 % for the 2023 financial year

Financial year 2023: IDS with solid growth forecasts

New hardware platform and focus on usability bring high order intake

Despite the tense procurement situation, the machine vision company IDS expects a positive turnover development and growth of 15 % for the 2023 financial year. One reason  for  this  is  a  good  order  situation  resulting  from  the  advancing  wave  of automation. In addition, IDS expects supply chain bottlenecks to improve. "Our big advantage is certainly that we are represented in almost all industries and are thus very broadly positioned," explains IDS Managing Director Alexander Lewinsky. "The demand for our products has increased particularly in the medical technology sector, which  pleases  us  not  only  from  an  economic  point  of  view.  More and more IDS cameras are thus making a contribution to health promotion worldwide. In addition to resource conservation and environmental protection, this is an area of application that is close to our hearts."

Growth driver 3D vision

On  the  product  side,  the  positive  development  is  based  on  the  continuing  strong growth of the 3D segment. Accordingly, the portfolio will be expanded in the current year  by  a  new,  cost-optimized  series  for  large-volume  applications.  "We  see  this segment  as  one  of  the  main  growth  drivers,"  underlines  Jan  Hartmann,  IDS Managing  Partner.  Secondly,  in  the  2D  segment,  last  year's  launch  of  the  uEye cameras with newly developed USB3 technology platform has more than proven its worth. This means that the camera manufacturer is more supplier-independent and thus  better  cushions  component  bottlenecks.  More  models  with  this  hardware technology will follow in the coming months. In addition, new cameras with high data rates  and  faster  and  larger  sensors  are  meeting  growing  need,  as  are  price-optimized models with reliable basic functions. To meet the increasing demand, IDS has  developed  the  uEye  Warp  10,  which  enables  extremely  fast  clock  rates  and ensures particularly high quality requirements. In addition, new product variants are being added to the entry-level range in the product line, which further expands their possible uses in customer applications.

Introducing users to key AI technology

The  technology  company  is  also  intensively  driving  forward  the  topic  of  artificial intelligence. "IDS wants to make it easier for users to access this key technology and help them initiate urgently needed automation processes with easy-to-use, intelligent image processing  components,"  emphasizes  IDS  founder  and  owner  Jürgen Hartmann. The opportunities offered by corresponding solutions are enormous and associated  with  completely  new  fields  of  application,  such  as transport  and  smart city or environment and smart farming. "With our visionpier marketplace, the first and so far only one of its kind for image processing solutions, we offer direct access to this," adds Jürgen Hartmann. "Solution providers and users can discuss solutions, develop or enhance them, use, adapt and reuse them."

Machine vision is considered a growth industry more than ever, demand and supply are increasing - despite the energy crisis and chip shortage. IDS is positioning itself in  this  promising  market  not  only  with  innovations,  but  as  an  "enabler".  "User-friendliness is above all. We want to support our customers in finding a solution more quickly and easily with the help of the 'Easy to Use' IDS ecosystem, on which IDS will focus in 2023," explains Alexander Lewinsky. On the one hand, this refers to the area of industrial cameras, where special attention will be paid to the usability of the in-house software package. On the other hand, the approach includes the intuitively usable IDS NXT cameras with artificial intelligence.


Completely climate-compensated

In  view  of  the  current  geopolitical  and  climatic  conditions,  IDS  is  also  increasingly committed  to  the  topic  of  sustainability.  As  a  pioneer  among  the  fully  climate-compensated companies in the industry, further measures are firmly anchored in the company's  long-term  goals  in  order  to  steadily  reduce  CO2  emissions  at  the Obersulm site. Most recently, the compensation of the first climate-neutral camera family, uEye CP, was updated. "We are not the only ones who feel morally obliged to  keep  CO2  emissions  as  low  as  possible  in  every  area  of  the  company.  Such factors  also  play  an  increasingly  important  role  in  our  customers'  purchasing decisions,"  Alexander  Lewinsky  knows.  "Ultimately, everyone  benefits  from  this, producers and customers as well as our environment and society.

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IDS Managing Director Alexander Lewinsky, Managing Partner Jan Hartmann and Jürgen Hartmann (founder and owner) (l.t.r.)
IDS Managing Director Alexander Lewinsky, Managing Partner Jan Hartmann and Jürgen Hartmann (founder and owner) (l.t.r.)
Image processing company IDS expects growth of 15 % for the 2023 financial year
Image processing company IDS expects growth of 15 % for the 2023 financial year