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Advance notice: Sony's IMX273 in the USB 3 uEye CP

The USB 3 uEye CP family with more than 40 models keeps growing: Engineering samples of the new USB 3.0 industrial camera UI-3040CP with Sony's IMX273 1.6 megapixel CMOS sensors (monochrome or colour) will be available for design-ins from the end of February. Series production will start in Q2/2018.

The UI-3040CP achieves impressive 243 fps with a resolution of 1.6 megapixels (3.45 µm pixel size). This makes it ideal for classic industrial applications such as surface inspection, but also for detailed image analysis in medical and traffic applications.

Sonys IMX273 in the USB 3 uEye CP

The camera provides 64x multi AOI and long exposure up to 30 seconds - for applications in the fields of mechanical and medical engineering, metrology or microscopy. The industrial camera model UI-3040CP is directed at customers with high demands on image quality, dynamic range and sensitivity.

These two new models of the uEye CP series also offer IDS-typical features such as the line scan mode, various triggers such as overlap trigger to control the exposure and triggering time, binning (only in the mono variant), and subsampling.