How to make best use of the uEye+ XCP and XLE cameras - Hands On!

In February, the IDS Vision Channel will show you how to get the most out of our cost-optimised cameras

In January, we introduced you to the key features of the uEye+ XLE and XCP cameras in the IDS Vision Channel and gave you a basic understanding of their philosophy and functions. Building on this, the February session will focus on the actual use of the uEye+ XCP and XLE models: from connecting the camera to capturing a first image and creating a perfect image for your application.

We will also look into the benefits and limitations of running features on the camera or a host.

Get the most out of cameras for your application - after watching this video you will know exactly how it works. The video will be available for viewing from 22nd February.

If you haven't already done so, we recommend you watch the January session "What makes the uEye+ XCP and XLE cameras special?" beforehand. The recording is available free of charge in the media library of the IDS Vision Channel.