Christmas in the IDS Vision Channel - December will be hot

To get started with image processing with artificial intelligence, you don't have to begin with complex industrial applications if you want to pick objects, count them or check and classify their quality characteristics. In our Christmas special, we show you how easily and quickly you can reach your goal with IDS NXT Experience Kit using everyday tasks. This is also where the new tools come into play: they show how the AI works in the cameras and which decisions it makes. This makes the process more transparent and helps you, for example, to evaluate the quality of a trained neural network and improve it through specific follow-up training.

Our colleague Patrick Schick will show you the many possible applications and the simple way of working with our complete AI system. Using the IDS Christmas bakery as an example, you will learn how easy it is for anyone to use AI-based image processing. And because we don't want the pre-Christmas stress to get out of hand, the video will be available for you to watch at any time from 20 December.